Welcome to the Larder

For a small weekly subscription, members are able to obtain a range of free and discounted food items, including fresh produce, store cupboard favouriteshome-baked items, and toiletries.

Already a member?


Visit our sign-up page and register to use the Larder.

Do Your Shopping

Choose the items you need for the week in our online shop.

Collect Your Groceries

Come and collect your groceries at the Ardrossan Church of the Nazarene.


How much is membership?

Currently, we charge £4 per week for Larder membership.

Who supplies the food?

We have a long-standing relationship with FareShare who collects surplus stock from supermarkets and then redistributes it to community groups like ours. The Larder receives a wide range of grocery and toiletry items each week and makes them available to local residents.

Is the food safe?

Yes, most definitely! All food in the Larder is date-checked, but sometimes we provide items that are past their best before date. Those dates are about quality – not safety, and so it doesn’t mean that the food is bad for you, even if it might have lost some of its flavour and texture.

Can anyone become a member?

Our franchise agreement requires that members must live within a ten-minute walking distance of the Larder.

Can I volunteer to help those in food crises?

We would be very happy if you would. Details of our volunteering opportunities and fundraising ideas are available on our food bank website.

Do you make a profit?

Any surplus we make from the Larder goes towards our running costs and to support our other community projects such as the Mobile Cinema and the Make A Meal Of It (MAMOI). All of our services are supported by volunteers.